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Software solution for the automatic tracking of operating and management processes

PF TRACKER description

ProcessFlowTracker (PFT) is the software solution for the automatic tracking of operating and management processes that is natively supported by automatic data collection (ADC) technologies like Barcode/QRCode, RFID, NFC, BLE. It works with handheld and fixed identification devices and is conceived to allow users to draw their process flow models, achievable by connecting different sequential nodes that represent the real case; through these nodes different entities (raw materials, finished goods, field works) are uniquely identified and traced by properly selected ADC systems.
Nodes can be internal or external to the company, without any limitation, and each node will provide the central system with essential data that are important for traceability purpose; this means that, by considering a common supply chain model, PFT can include in the overall nodes model, the upstream suppliers and the downstream
customers, as well as the company internal manufacturing activities or the internal logistics. Each node can be equipped with different Automatic Data Collection technologies depending on the specific characteristics and on the most effective and efficient overall configuration. For this scope it is necessary to consider in the design
and customization of the PFT solution also the selection of the most effective technological devices for identification and this is part of the implementation project. PFT fills-in the gap that often there is between Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) or Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and the field operations, making data mining and classification much faster, easier and more accurate, therefore allowing users to save time, to minimize errors (with a
consequent higher quality) and to make managers take their business decisions on dependable, timely and precise data. Thanks to its characteristics, PFT can be adopted for the tracking of many processes as the following ones:


  • materials procurement and storage (raw and finished)

  • materials internal and external logistics

  • discrete manufacturing

  • materials transformation

  • maintenance works execution

Benefits for the client

  • Timely and accurate recording of manufacturing and control of production progress

  • Automatic recording of interventions on critical equipment

  • Improvement of logistics planning and of materials procurement

  • Real-time visibility of logistics

  • Certifiable proof of deliveries to end customers

  • Less time to spend in the execution of inventories

  • Brand protection


Case description

A company involved in the execution of maintenance interventions of heavy duty lifting equipment wishes to facilitate the tracking of corrective maintenance and cyclic maintenance interventions, including the periodic inspections, to keep updated automatically the technical passport of each equipment, in order to objectively verify the compliance of these equipment for critical operations. The integrity of these equipment is an essential requirement, because the lack of this conformity makes their use very dangerous, with various operating risks (on people safety and on production assurance) that might occur. This aspect impacts also on the insurance costs. Maintenance and inspections works are mainly based on predefined checklists and guidelines, to consider as standard also depending on the applicable laws. Moreover the company wants to have a unique repository to collect all the information and documentation that are relevant to the equipment with all the historical records of the fulfilled works (with results, discovered conditions, pictures, notes). This type of data collection is useful also as a feedback for the design department.

Each lifting equipment is identified by sticking on-metal RFID tags, properly selected taking into account all the most important characteristics, and the company is provided with a customized implementation of the PFT system, given by two main software parts:

Server application: the central web system has the full registry of all the equipment and for each equipment the following information:

  • RFID unique code
  • Equipment technical parameters
  • Main warnings relevant to the equipment
  • Maintenance and inspections records, including all the possible information arising from the execution of works
  • Technical documentation specifically related to the equipment (drawings, datasheet, manuals, declarations, etc.)

Mobile application: this application, installed on handheld RFID readers, enables the automatic identification of equipment and provides workers with the checklists related to the activities to perform on equipment; moreover it allows to collect pictures and to store all the collected information on the server in order to update the data relevant to the particular equipment. This application works in both on-line and off-line mode, depending on the availability on the internet connection.


The solution has an estimated pay-back period of 1 year, including the on-metal tags. The project duration from the kick-off to the go-live is about 6 months, including the digitalization of the checklists, the initial data loading of the technical documentation and the training of workers.



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