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What We Are

A simple and streamlined message, as our organization.

We are an expert advisory company specializing in the provision of engineering services and technological solutions for the automation of operational and management processes.

It is active internationally in diverse projects where it often draws on the assistance of local commercial partners.

Our internal organisational structure reflects what we offer to the market: one section of the company is dedicated to products (hardware and software solutions) and the other section is dedicated to the provision of services (consulting, engineering and planning).


We are UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certified.

This particular certification guarantees efficiency and competitive edge on the market.

ACM-e places an important focus on adapting and optimising company processes and through the continual review and improvement of our quality management systems we are committed to maximising client satisfaction.

Areas of expertise

  • Analysis and planning of industrial and civil systems in accordance with energy efficiency principles;

  • Designing of industrial equipment for active and passive safety;

  • Engineering services for Operations and Maintenance and industrial logistics;

  • Development of technological solutions for logistics and services (with a particular emphasis on automated identification);

  • Technological integration of support of operative processes;

Working Model

An organisation is considered “lean” when it notably reduces traditional hierarchies, moving from a “top heavy” culture to one where directives are reduced to the minimum necessary.

This type of organisation places a greater emphasis on a horizontal structure thereby achieving a flat and therefore “lean” structure.

We have adopted this kind of structure as a company whereby:

  • Group work is preferred;

  • Relationships based on trust are encouraged;

  • Staff are not micro-managed and are given the freedom and responsibility to work and make decisions autonomously;

ACM-e Working Model

Companies are made of people, processes, methodologies, and tools.

In ACM-e each person is a key element, called to give her or his contribution to success.

Due to the required professional skills, our people are subject to a continuous internal training and coaching where seniors support and help junior resources to grow and deepen their expertise. Training is not only focused on technical and technological topics, but also on our values. We balance back-office and on-site works in order to make each consultant ready and adaptable to various project contexts, that market can offer. Moreover we take into account of the individual working attitudes, helping to develop them if this are coherent with company’s strategies and vision.

Where ACM-e works
ACM-e International Group

Where We Work

In the last 10 years we have been involved in various projects in many areas of the world…

Main areas of action

ACM-e in Oil & Gas market

Oil and Gas

ACM-e in PowerGen market

Power Gen

ACM-e in metal industry


ACM-e in manufacturing market


ACM-e in Luxury & Fashion markets

Fashion & Luxury

ACM-e in Transport market


ACM-e in Healthcare market


ACM-e in Food and Beverage marketplace

Food & Beverage

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Where ACM/e works
Where We Work
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ACM-e in Italy

ACM-e S.r.l. a Socio Unico
Legal Seat:
Corso Sempione, 39 – 20145 Milan

Viale Guidoni, 12 – 50127 Florence – Ph: +39.055.411875
Via Montegrappa 278 – 59100 Prato – Ph: +39.0574.1661869

ACM-e in Russian Federation

Truda St. 4, k.1, office 122 – 248030, Kaluga

ACM-e in United Kingdom

1 Duchess Street, Suite 3, 4th Floor, London, W1W 6AN

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